Monday, August 9, 2010

Wow! (Reflecting on 11 tools)

I can't believe I'm done. Some of my favorites...PhotoStory, blogging, Jing and Skype and Wikis. I think that one of the tools I will use with a project for students will be PhotoStory. I found it to be easy to use and so it should be easy to teach and the students can learn to manipulate it to their liking as well as present in written form(as I will make that a requirement).

As far as transforming my thinking about the learning that will take place in my classroom...well I am now less fearful of the unknown (technology...)all that is out there to teach with and from. I know I have much more to learn, but I am anxious to do so because it will assisst me in meeting the varied needs of my students and help to prepare them for tomorrow's world.

Unexpected me just the thought that I was able to take this course, learn so much, share and reflect all from home and at the pace and time that I chose has absolutely drawn a "wow" from me . It goes to show how advanced technology has become and how much learning we must continue to do.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Digital Citizenship...(tool 11)

In these super advanced technological times it's not possible to just allow students on to technology sources without guidance and instruction. Students are no longer just completing a prescribed program that goes in steps that the teacher assigned. Students are now able to access just about anything with the use of technology. I believe that three important lessons in digital citizenship that I will provide to my students are the importance of digital literacy; helping them to understand that technology involves finding information effetively and processing it to learn the unknown. I will also teach safety when using technology since it is of utmost importance when children are involved. Another lesson I will provide will be on etiquette, teaching them the rules to follow and the expected behaviours when working in the digital world.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mobile Tech. and Apps (tool 10)

While I personally don't own any type of I "equipment" ; ) I'm looking forward to learning how to use them as classroom tools. After reading about them and all of the available applications that students can work with , they seem like a great way to meet kid's diverse learning needs and styles. I did borrow an I phone from my sister and she shared/showed me a couple of organizing apps. It looks fun and not too difficult. I am looking forward to taking a staff development training on using these pieces of new equipment we will be receiving.

Jing and Skype (tool 9)

This section of the 11 tools made me think of "pen pals" from the days I was in school. I had like 3 and just loved getting their letters, pictures, posters and all the stuff that we shared with one another. I guess in the world of technology it could be called E-pals? I can see both of these programs being useful to students (especially older ones) for exchanging information, but especially for having access to experiences and knowledge outside of the classroom area.

Skype is a great tool! We use it to stay in touch with our family outside of Texas and the US.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Using videos as resources... (tool 8)

I have used video clips more and more frequently to introduce or review concepts with students. The ActiveBoard makes it easy to incorporate these resources into lessons. One video clip that my students enjoyed last year was on photosynthesis. I found it on YouTube.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Digital Storytelling... (tool 7)

I created a very simple Photostory video using some pictures from a vacation we took a while back. I found it easy to use and I believe it is an entertaining way to allow students to demonstrate and share material they are learning. I remember a presentation by a couple of coworkers who shared Photostory in a staff develompment session. One of the projects created by a student was following the lifecycle of an insect. It was fabulous. I know that students will enjoy using this tool, and what I like best about it is it's lack of difficulty.