Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Connecting...(tool 2 )

I wish I was as fast as some of you moving through these 11 tools. As I stated in my first post, I had created a blog on cultivating the love of reading in children (especially third graders). I knew that by blogging about it I would have a chance at connecting with others that held the same interest, but more importantly, that had more ideas to collaborate on the topic. So it was an attempt at a PLN. I believe PLN's can be a great resource because you can reach out to more people in order to share and gather ideas about important and relevant topics on educating our little ones. I am already enjoying reading some of the suggested blogs on the 11 tools page, as well as some of the ones written by colleagues (campus and district).
The tips on commenting remindend me of when we hold conferences with our students about writing, projects etc...We can't just say simple things like "good" or "I like it" because students gain more learning with specific feedback about what they are sharing or working on. I think we can take a similar approach when commenting on other specific. I commented on the following blogs...
The Little Blogger that Could
The Blooming Blog
4th Grade Tech and Ed
Summer Thoughts
Using Technology in the Classroom


  1. Don't worry about fast or slow, good or bad, or any type of comparisons. Going through all the tools is a learning process. Emphasis is on the process, not the product.

  2. I agree with Viking, take it one day at a time. I am really enjoying the process and reading your take on it too. I admit that I am getting caught up with all the links. This takes time and patience.

  3. I am sure day after day we will become more and more efficient when it comes to digital tools in and out the classroom, as any other new technological gadget or device, it demands some of your time to slowly become a pro on this matter but I am totally sure that pretty soon we will be completely immerse in it, probably without even realizing it.